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Documenting Your Caribbean
Destination Wedding Journey with Photos.

Your big day is fast approaching! You've made all your lists, and checked them, like, a bazillion times (are we right?), but have you thought about documenting your destination wedding journey in photographs? What do you want from your Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Events photographer? We think it best to have at least a mental outline of a plan for documenting your event from beginning to end, from home to the Caribbean beaches and beyond. Here are some points for you to ponder while coming up with your "shot list".
  1. Capture the journey - not just the day. From your engagement, to the Destination Wedding Dress Rehearsal to time your plane touches down in Mexico, Jamaica or Punta Cana for the actual event, to lazy days around the pool spent with friends and family - all leading up to the ceremony and honeymoon, you've got a story to tell. When it comes to photographs, don't go straight to the happily ever after, leaving out so much of the good stuff! Utilize El Dorado Spa Resorts & Hotels in-suite Jacuzzi's or the beachfront massages at Azul Hotels to Azul Beach Resorts by Karisma, the story is in the journey to and through your destination. Keep your sense of humor, in all situations- the good, bad and the ugly. And take lots and lots of pics along the way. You'll be so happy you did!

  2. Know what you want, and stick to your guns. Don't feel pressured to use every cute pose you see everywhere on social media... unless you WANT to! There are soooo many ideas out there to broadcast your new married status - cute signs, brides in boots, old car, new car, poses in the ocean, riding horseback into the sunset and a myriad of other adorable options we love; just make sure it's what YOU love, what best represents your personality as a couple and the love you share. Talk to each other! Make yet another list of "must haves". Then talk to your destination wedding photographer.

  3. (With that being said) Allow yourselves to be open and adventurous. Sometimes the best shots are ones you never dreamed of or expected. At a recent Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Event, the bride was posed with her new hubby, barefoot and shin deep in crystal blue-green Caribbean waters, gazing into each other's eyes as tiny waves lapped against the hem of her dress. Nice, huh? Well, within seconds, a little bigger swell came, getting them both wet. They laughed. They kissed. Boom! Their favorite shot -playful, spontaneous and romantic.

  4. Ensure that your photog knows all your most important peeps. Instruct him/her to capture candid moments of you and your faves, including treasured grandparents and other relatives, college roommates and dear friends. I mean, realistically, when will you be gathered in the beautiful Caribbean surrounded by your besties ever again? Seize the day!

  5. Give your photographer the freedom and ownership to capture priceless moments you may not see. While we at Karisma Hotels & Resorts strive to create memories that last a lifetime, let's face it - the bride is probably the busiest, most sought after guest of the wedding. You're not always going to see or remember every, well, "Memorable Moment". Let your photographer capture them for you, and be surprised later.

  6. From Gourmet Inclusive® Pairings to the idyllic surroundings at your Karisma & Hotel Resort inMexico, Jamaica or Punta Cana, be sure to document the vibe, mood and flavor of your Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Event. Whether you've chosen Majestic Flair, Vintage Elegance, Coastal Bliss or any of the other super chic packages in the Memorable Moments Signature Wedding Collection™, capture the unique elements that represent the setting and ambiance of your celebration. Each time you open your destination wedding album back home, it will immediately send you into sensory overload, where you'll be transported back to that dream day. Sigh.

  7. Fast forward ten years. Imagine you're telling your kids all about your amazing Karisma Hotels & Resorts Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Event. What would you want them to see and know about your destination wedding? Once you know that, you can begin making your shot list.

If you're a bride, and you hosted your destination wedding at one of our many Karisma Hotels & Resorts, what advice would you give other brides exploring the best ways to document their wedding journey? Do you have photos from your Karisma Gourmet Inclusive® Wedding Event? Whether you chose a perfectly crafted recipe from our Memorable Moments Signature Wedding Collections™ and said "I Do" on the beach at an Azul Resort or mixed together your own gourmet experience and sealed the deal with your whole family at a GenerationsResort, we encourage you to tag @KarismaWeddings on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share photos of your big day! Then, jot down a testimonial, sharing your experience with other Real Brides. We would love to hear from you!

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